Grateful for Debate

2023 End of Year Campaign

The New York City Urban Debate League (“NYCUDL”) is a non-profit organization that serves 3,000+ students. We create equitable access to academic debate opportunities with a focus on students of color and students from other historically underserved communities in New York City to empower the next generation of diverse, informed, and courageous leaders.

Your contributions allow us to provide not only meaningful opportunities for debate, but also to support our low resourced students on their journey to tournament day.

$25: Tournament Meals
$100: Coach Development Session
$250: Site hosting for Online Tournaments
$500: Debate Research Materials

With your help, we have created district partnerships in District 7, 8, 9,15, and 16, continued a successful program with the NYC Public Schools Literacy Collaborative, trained 100+ coaches during weekly development sessions, and hosted 35+ tournaments this year for debaters throughout the city. Help us keep going!